From July 2014 to October 2015

  • Successful human ADME/PK-predictions of 8 drugs for 4 customers
  • Successful predictions of the ADME/PK of 6 prodrugs/drugs
  • Internal and external validations
  • Delivered and reported human and animal ADME/PK-predictions to 18 customers
  • Validated prediction models for rodents using customer data and selected reference compounds
  • Predicted human doses and exposure profiles to customers
  • Successful evaluations of reasons to poor in-vitro to in-vivo predictions/correlations
  • Prediction of metabolic load in humans
  • Involved in drug design and lead optimizing processes for customers
  • Successfully predicted the oral and liver uptake of two ester-prodrugs and their active metabolites for a customer
  • Prediction of CNS-dispositon for customers