Customers and Collaborators

Currently, PROSILICO serves 19 customers, including one big pharma company. Among them are
Kancera (
Red Glead Discovery (
Forendo Pharma, Finland (

Noviga Research
Umecrine Cognition
Quretech Bio (
Redoxis (
Apodemus (
Pronoxis (

Partner with Chemnotia (
Read about our collaboration here (
Virtual design of drug and drug candidate analogues with superior properties.

Collaborates with University of Eastern Finland around prodrug-predictons.

Discussions with potential collaborators and customers are ongoing.

PROSILICO is supported (business development) by Uppsala Innovation Centre (

Customer reviews:
- “Your efforts get top grades
- “You have taken in-silico to a new level”
- “Sovereign”
– “Impressed!” (quote from a big pharma company)

– “Fantastic”
– “Cost-efficient”
– “Service minded”

- “Working with Prosilico was really good”
- “Prosilico’s unique, validated tools and referencing systems have been applied on our compounds. This has enabled improved DMPK and improvements of program-designs, overview, safety assurance, drug ability estimations and cost-effectiveness.”/Pharmnovo
- “Well predicted! Impressive! Congratulations!”