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(171010) – Predicted skin uptake potential for a number of cosmetic ingredients (to demonstrate that our in-silico tools could replace animal experiments).

(160907) New customer + first prospective validation of customer substance in clinical trials (1.2-fold average prediction error)

(160824) Signed significant long-term deal with major international pharma company – Prosilico to deliver 20000+ key human ADME/PK-estimates

(160809) New customer

(160608) Speaker at BIO Hanse meeting in Stockholm

(160520) Delivered 800 parameter estimates to customer

(160503) Signed an international subscription contract

(160404-6) Attended BIO-Europe in Stockholm.

(160330) Speaker at New Updates in Drug Formulations and Bioavailability March 30 in Copenhagen.

(160212) Clearly ourperformed two big pharma companies predicting PK of 8 metabolically stable compounds.

(160211) Delivered ocular permeability results to customer

(160127) Developed and validated a reliable (Q^2=0.8) method for prediction of eye/ocular permeability

(160122) Correct prediction of the PK in mice for a customer.

(160122) Attended the 2nd BBB-symposium in Uppsala, Sweden.

(160119) Invited speaker at the “New Updates in Drug Formulations and Bioavailability”-meeting March 30 in Copenhagen (

(151216) Summary of external validations of predictions of t½ and CL/F (n=22) – 1.3-fold median error and 86 % <3-fold error for t½; 2.2-fold median error and 76 % <3-fold error for CL/F.

(151123-25) Trip to Gothenburg. Gave 3 seminars/company presentations for 8 companies. Initiated a collaboration with Gothenburg University

(151122) Developed a new model for prediction of inhibition and saturation of gut-wall metabolism and efflux

(151119) Predicted 1300+ parameter estimates for customers this week 

(151117) Visit to Finland

(151116) Succeeded in predicting the PK and exposure profiles of a drug and its 5 main metabolites

(151110) Working on 4 customer orders this week (in total 50+ compounds)

(151109) Correct prediction of iv + po rat PK of a compound with moderate permeability and excretion for a customer

(151104) Correct prediction of CNS-dispositon potential of a customer’s substance

(151102) New international customer

(151029) New customer!

(150929) Attending and presenting at “Trends in organic chemistry – How are drugs born?” in Stockholm

(150902) Reduced the prediction error for a drug with complex characteristics by 30-fold vs allometry (state-of-the-art lab method recommended by authorities).

(150827) Developed a prediction model for buccal uptake.

(150822) Milestone reached – Results delivered to our 1st big pharma customer and a 2nd is currently exploring entering a business relationship with us!

(150817) We gave a lecture about our absorption prediction platform and at the Bioavailability/Bioequivalence meeting in Chicago (BABE-2015).

(150814) Finalized a lung uptake model with good prospective predictive performance.

(150813) Used 72 prodrug/drug-pairs to validate our prodrug uptake prediction model (good results).

(150811) Finalized a skin permeability model with good prospective predictive performance.

(150730) A new order from a big pharma company.

(150710) Customer #18

(150707) New customer (#17), a big pharma company.

(150629) Two new customer orders.

(150626) We will attend Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm Sept 9-10 and Pain Symposium in Aberdeen Sept 28-30 assisting/representing Pharmnovo (

(150625) Read about our collaborati0on with Chemnotia (
Virtual design of drug and drug candidate analogues with superior properties.

(150623) Read about us in UIC annual review ( – pages 36-37 (in swedish)

(150619) Successful prediction of iv and po PK of two customer compounds in mice and rats (external validation).

(150619) Customer #16 and a new order.

(150617) One new customer order.

(150616) Customer review – “Well predicted! Impressive! Congratulations!”

(150609) New customer (#15).

(150605) New customer (#14).

(150528) New customer Redoxis ( (#13 since August 2014).

(150523) Successful prediction of iv and po PK of a customer compound in rats.

(150508) A new customer – Quretech Bio (

(150508) We will visit Boston in August (20th-21st) and meet pharmaceutical companies.

(150502) Urban will attend the BABE-2015 congress in Chicago, August 17-19, and give a speech with the title “Prediction of in-vivo permeability, solubility, BCS-classing, food interactions, fraction absorbed and oral bioavailability using new in-silico methods and algorithms”

(150501) Refined our prediction models for oral bioavailability, hepatic and renal clearance, fraction unbound and t½.

(150423) Finalized our BCRP+MDR1-subtrate prediction models. Results similar to those obtained with in-vitro methods.

(150410) MISTRA-application submitted.

(150326) Delivered results to our 12th customer.

(150320) Successful external validations of clinical ADME/PK of two compounds (a prodrug with complex ADME/PK and a renally excreted compound).

(150319) Urban gave a speech at the BioTech Hanse meeting in Stockholm.

(150309-11) Urban attended the BioEurope-2015 conference in Paris.

(150301) Succeeded with predictions of 2 substances that a customer failed to predict despite 5 years effort and lab resources.

(150212) Successful external validation of clinical ADME/PK for a metabolically stable and excreted compound by customer.

(150211) New prediction models for ID of CYP2C9, CYP2D6 & CYP3A4 – 86 % correct classifications (the consistency between in-vitro labs has been estimated to 94%; 88 % for CYP3A4-substrates).

(150203) Two new customers and 4 new orders.

(150119) Prediction model summary 2014 – 3580 predictions. 1524 excellent (<1.3-fold error) and 2446 highly successful (<2-fold error) predictions of human PK-parameters. 1-5-fold median error 1.5-fold.
Take into consideration that each corresponding prediction at labs cost ca 1000-100000 SEK each and fails to predict in more than 80 % of cases.

(150115) Winner of Nordea’s (via Uppsala Innovation Centre) travel grant for companies with great international potential (25000 SEK)

(150106) Customer reviews – “Your efforts get top grades“, Sovereign

(141231) 55 (104) and 144 (101) successful (highly successful) predictions of half-life and bioavailability, respectively, during 2014.

(141217) We welcome new customer Umecrine Cognition (

(141217) We welcome new customer Anamar (

(141216) PROSILICO recently finalized and validated a prediction method for environmental excretion of drugs (Q^2=0.80; 1.4-fold median error; 44 % < 2-fold error).

(141216) Preliminary results for prediction of the absolute and relative kinetics and exposures of drug metabolites are promising.

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