ADME/PK parameters

We deliver quality controlled estimates of the following human ADME/PK-parameters

Fraction absorbed - including effects of efflux & low solubility

CLint and CLH - Including precise estimates also for metabolically stable compounds

Fu - in plasma, blood & brain

Total CL and Vss

Renal and biliary CL

BBB uptake

CYP-ID and CYP-inhibition

DDIs and food interaction

Biopharmaceutical Classification - For generics or new innovations

Oral F

Metabolites - Pharmacokinetics and exposure

Prodrugs - Pharmacokinetics

Eye, skin & lung uptake

Environmental excretion

Fgut, ka, fe, fa,colon, in-vivo dissolution potential, in-vivo intestinal permeability, blood/plasma-ratio and exposure profile (AUC, Cmax and tmax)

Outperforms lab methods in range (≥3-fold) & accuracy (<2- to 3-fold median errors)

Design With Confidence

Human Clinical ADME/PK-Studio

Licence for 2019
Introductory price
6900 SEK / 690€ / $750


Sketch or paste any compound structure

Get relevant human clinical in-vivo ADME/PK-estimates, with confidence limits, on the fly!

In-vivo dissolution potential, fa, Vss, CLint, fu, CLH, oral F & t½

Guidance & Optimization

Coloured elements provide guidance to chemical strucutre modification


The Technology

Machine learning & AI

Conformal prediction methology

Based on quality checked, stratified human clinical data

Unique algorithms

Validation & Confidence

Internal cross-validation

Successful blinded successful validations by major international pharmaceutical companies

Guaranteed confidence limits for each molecule

Consulting in the ADME/PK-area

General consulting in the ADME/PK area.

Reports based on results from the PROSILICO platform.

Bechmarkning candidate compounds with respect to competitors, drugs on the market etc.

Assisting Due Diligence investigations for in-licensing matters.