PROSILICO is run by Urban Fagerholm (CEO, PhD, Associate Professor and model developer), Sven Hellberg (vice CEO, PhD and head of data analysis) and Ola Spjuth (PhD and Associate Professor)

Urban Fagerholm


PROSILICO was founded in July 2014 by ex-AstraZeneca pharmacokineticist, PhD and Associate Professor in biopharmaceutics/pharmacokinetics Urban Fagerholm. He has a wide preclinical and clinical experience from more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry (AstraZeneca 1997-2013) and academia (Uppsala University), and has focused on prediction methodology, physiological models, mechanisms, analyses and strategies in the ADME/PK-field.

In 2009, he was nominated International Educator of the Year and named member of Top 100 Professionals of the Year. He has published 36 scientific papers and book chapters (see Resent Publications) and two popular science books.

During the years as preclinical and clinical pharmacokineticist at AstraZeneca he represented the ADME/PK-function in cross-functional project teams with overall responsibility for design, analyses and delivery of ADME/PK- and TK-studies, and ADME/PK-input to regulatory summary documents and at meetings with authorities. He played a key role in global and local teams responsible for predictive science (BBB/CNS, ADME/PK, PK/PD & in-silico ADME/PK). He also evaluated, improved and developed several ADME/PK prediction methods and platforms (PCS and PK-MATRIX), and initiated and lead a global postdoc project.

Urban is a reviewer of research manuscripts for Drug Metabolism and Disposition, Nature Biotech, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Molecular Pharmaceutics, Toxicology in Vitro, Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Research, Current Drug Metabolism and Xenobiotica.

Sven Hellberg


Computational chemist and ex-manager in Pharmaceutical R&D at AstraZeneca Sven Hellberg joined PROSILICO in January 2016.

Sven is highly experienced with 30+ years in QSAR, compound design and drug discovery. His skills and experiences include molecular modeling, pharmacophores, docking, structure-based design, fragment evolution, hit finding, lead identification, lead optimization, project leadership, project leader (including Lean Sigma), chemometrics, experimental design, machine learning, pattern recognition, coaching and team building.

Sven a strong personal track record of delivery, and his foremost personal strengths are creativity, analytical and strategic thinking. He has been leader of the science forums for medicinal chemistry and compound design, and has excellent scientific track record with 42 scientific journal publications (high scientific impact as measured by citation indices; > 3500 citations), 18 conference publications and 86 patent publications.

Ola Spjuth


PhD and Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics at Uppsala University and expert in predictive modeling and big data analysis. Ola was previous co-director at the UPPMAX high performance computing center at Uppsala University, and Head of the bioinformatics compute and storage facility at Science for Life Laboratory in Sweden. He has an excellent scientific track record with 77 scientific publications.