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Extensively validated human clinical ADME/PK prediction, simulation and optimization software with higher accuracy than laboratory methods.


Experience & progress

We are motivated by a strong and sincere willingness to drive continuous improvement and renewal within ADME/PK science. We believe that a technology shift and significant quality improvements are within reach. Together we form a group of highly merited scientists with a long experience from the pharmaceutical industry, university and IT-development.


ADME/PK-prediction software with predictive power

Our software ANDROMEDA by Prosilico produces high quality in silico estimates of human clinical ADME/PK of modern drug candidates (for which standard laboratory methods have limited applicability) at a low cost. Our approach is firmly based on the assumption that clinical data is the best and most relevant source of human ADME/PK information.

The software has been carefully validated in a multitude of ways. We have also performed successful benchmarking vs alternative methods (in vitro and animal models). Median prediction errors are generally within 2- to 3-fold. Scientific publications and White paper are available to support our claims.

Make you feel good about it

You can rely on the fact that the human clinical ADME/PK parameters you get are the result of validated and relevant methods. The predictive power increases the likelihood that your compounds will have the desired ADME/PK properties in man and that clinical studies will be safe and planned for success. As a bonus you will also help to avoid unnecessary experiments in animals and reduce environmental emissions.

The latest news and publications


PROSILICO attended IDDST in Tokyo and presented new results

PROSILICO attended IDDST in Tokyo 8-10 May and gave an oral presentation of new ANDROMEDA…
Scientific publications

In silico predictions of the hepatic metabolic clearance in humans for 10 drugs with highly variable in vitro pharmacokinetics

Fagerholm U. In silico predictions of the hepatic metabolic clearance in humans for 10 drugs…
Scientific publications

Application of the ANDROMEDA software for prediction of the human pharmacokinetics of modern anticancer drugs

Fagerholm U, Hellberg S, Alvarsson J, Spjuth O. bioRxiv, March 2023.https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2023.03.18.533259v1