Your virtual ADME/PK-Department
Prediction accuracy consistent with quality limits set by the authorities and better than best lab methods selected by big pharma

NEWS (170317) – New major customer!
Our customers now have a total number of employees exceeding 65000

Predictions of ADME/PK, doses, exposures & DDIs of drug candidates, metabolites & chemicals directly from chemical structure to man

Handles the ca 2/3 of drug candidates out of reach for in-vitro methods

Validated externally by big pharmas

Delivered >10000 key estimates to customers

Saves time, costs, animals and environment, and improves accuracy, safety, decision-making, productivity, understanding and overview

Will present our work at the 14th Symposium on PK & Drug Metabolism, 30th of March, Gothenburg.(
“Prediction of AUC in humans – A modern in-silico-based system that outperforms traditional in-vitro- and animal-methods” &
“Patterns in PK – Exploring and Navigating in PK-Space”

Come and listen to us presenting ‘Exploring & Navigating in PK-space’ at ‘In-silico and in-vitro methods in modern drug discovery’ in Nottingham, UK, 24-25/4. (

New validated model for prediction of dermal bioavailability

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