Higher quality, broader range, reduced costs & time, improved ethics & safety

Few seem to have recognized that the human PK of >2/3 of candidate drugs and drugs are unpredictable or poorly predicted from in-vitro data and that oral bioavailability in humans is poorly predicted from animal data. PROSILICO has the solution!

3500 parameter estimates delivered monthly to small, medium and big pharma companies

Signed significant long-term deal with major international pharma company – Prosilico to deliver >20000 key human ADME/PK-estimates

First prospective validation of customer substance in clinical trials (1.2-fold average prediction error)

features with PROSILICO’s prediction platform

– unique in-silico methods and algorithms
– in-vivo predictions made directly from chemical structure (SMILES)
– complete range of ADME/PK-parameters (145 valid models)
– successful benchmarking vs in-vitro & animal in-vivo
– successful internal and external validation studies* (outperformed lab methods)
– uncertainty-estimates included
– more reliable predictions of dose, exposure & t½
– 3-fold broader compound range compared to in-vitro 
– improved decision-making
reduced costs
– highlights (un)necessary lab studies
– results delivered within 1 week
 frontloaded decision-making 

– saves animals and environment


*External validation studies
- 1.3-fold median error and 86 % <3-fold error for t½ (n=22)
– 2.7-fold median error and 54 % <3-fold error for AUCpo (n=45)
– Outstanding for prediction of AUC, t½, oral bioavailability, CL, Vss and other major parameters

Outperformed in-house Caco-2, hepatocyte and microsome assays (markedly reduced max errors and increased range)
– Applicable for compounds out of reach for in-vitro assays (low CLint, low Pe w efflux, low recovery, low solubility, excretion)

Unique models
– Prodrug, lung, ocular and skin uptake
– Metabolite PK & exposure
– Environmental excretion
– Brain disposition mapping
– Animal (mouse, rat, dog, monkey) ADME/PK
In-licensing services – ADME/PK assurance, risk analysis and positioning
– Efficient
Lead optimization (collaboration with Chemnotia)
– Subscription services for a limited number of companies (Apply now! Only two places left)


*”It would be insane not to use PROSILICOs prediction tools” – Quotation from a professor at the 2nd BBB-symposium in Uppsala
“This is obviously a very interesting approach and of high relevance for the pharmaceutical industry since it allows to reduce the number of compounds to be tested in in-vitro assays and/or in-vivo experiments.”
unique, validated tools and referencing systems have been applied on our compounds. This has enabled improved DMPK and improvements of program-designs, overview, safety assurance, druggability estimations and cost-effectiveness.”

“You have taken in-silico to a new level”
“Your efforts get top grades
“Impressed!” (quote from a big pharma company)
“Working with Prosilico was really good”
“Well-predicted! Impressive! Congratulations!”



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