Outperformed lab methods predicting ADME/PK of difficult compounds – better in 56 cases out of 57, reduced median and max errors by 13- and >340-fold

Signed significant long-term deal with major international pharma company – Prosilico to deliver >20000 key human ADME/PK-estimates

New validated prediction methods for the exposure, kinetics and environmental excretion of chemicals & antibiotic drug candidates (usually out of reach for in-vitro lab methods)




- Exclusively For Those Who Value Improved Quality, Productivity, Ethics, Safety & Cost-Efficiency

- Based on Unique In-Silico Methodology, Data & Algorithms

- Predicts the Human Clinical ADME/PK for Compounds in Zone A (the 1/3 Covered by In-Vitro Methods) and Zone B (the 2/3 Out of Reach for In-Vitro Methods)* HAVE YOU DECIDED WHEN IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO CONSIDER ZONE B-CHARACTERISTICS AND IMPROVE SAFETY IN FTIM?

- Outperforms Animal & In-Vitro Models for Dose and Exposure Predictions (>30-fold lower max error)

- Unique Prediction Platforms for Absorption, Excretion and Metabolite Kinetics & Exposures

- Validated Internally and Externally by Big Pharma

- 3500 parameter Estimates Delivered Monthly to Small, Medium & Big Pharma Companies

*good metabolic stability (CLint<LOQ), low solubility and Caco-2 recovery, renal and biliary excretion, gut-wall extraction & strong efflux (at least one of these are seen/significant for most modern drugs)


Key features with PROSILICO’s prediction platform
Technology – unique in-silico methods and algorithms – in-vivo predictions made directly from chemical structure (SMILES) – complete range of ADME/PK-parameters (145 valid models)
Quality – successful benchmarking vs in-vitro & animal in-vivo – successful internal and external validation studies* (outperformed lab methods) – uncertainty-estimates included – more reliable predictions of dose, exposure & t½ – 3-fold broader compound range compared to in-vitro  – improved decision-making
Cost – reduced costs – highlights (un)necessary lab studies
Speed – results delivered within 1 week  frontloaded decision-making 
Ethics – saves animals and environment   *
External validation studies - 1.3-fold median error and 86 % <3-fold error for t½ (n=22) – 2.7-fold median error and 54 % <3-fold error for AUCpo (n=45) – Outstanding for prediction of AUC, t½, oral bioavailability, CL, Vss and other major parametersOutperformed in-house Caco-2, hepatocyte and microsome assays (markedly reduced max errors and increased range) – Applicable for compounds out of reach for in-vitro assays (low CLint, low Pe w efflux, low recovery, low solubility, excretion)
Unique models – Prodrug, lung, ocular and skin uptake – Metabolite PK & exposure – Environmental excretion – Brain disposition mapping – Animal (mouse, rat, dog, monkey) ADME/PK – In-licensing services – ADME/PK assurance, risk analysis and positioning – Efficient Lead optimization (collaboration with Chemnotia) – Subscription services for a limited number of companies (Apply now! Only two places left)  
Quotations *”It would be insane not to use PROSILICOs prediction tools” – Quotation from a professor at the 2nd BBB-symposium in Uppsala “This is obviously a very interesting approach and of high relevance for the pharmaceutical industry since it allows to reduce the number of compounds to be tested in in-vitro assays and/or in-vivo experiments.” “Prosilico’s unique, validated tools and referencing systems have been applied on our compounds. This has enabled improved DMPK and improvements of program-designs, overview, safety assurance, druggability estimations and cost-effectiveness.” “You have taken in-silico to a new level” “Service-minded” “Your efforts get top grades“Impressed!” (quote from a big pharma company) “Working with Prosilico was really good” “Well-predicted! Impressive! Congratulations!”    

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