Just confirmed our position as the leader in human clinical in-silico ADME/PK-predictions 

– Outperformed a competitor in a blind external validation of two major PK-parameters (7- and 2-fold higher mean prediction errors for competitor; n=30)
– Beat Caco-2 predicting in-vivo fraction absorbed

Announcement 171115 – Strategic partnership with Mind the Byte

Prosilico and Mind the Byte (www.mindthebyte.com) sign a strategic partnership agreement. Together, the two companies will provide a broad portfolio of in-silico models covering most aspects of virtual drug discovery.

Announcement July 2017 – Prosilico starts collaboration with the in-silico group at Swetox regarding model and method development within the ADMET-PBPK-QSAR application domain. The collaboration also includes exchange of toxicity and ADME/PK in-silico prediction services. Swetox (www.swetox.se), Södertälje, is an academic research center for chemicals, health and environment.

Interested in…

…getting the ca 3/4 of ADME/PK-data in-vitro labs cannot produce for you?
…improving your ADME/PK-prediction accuracy?
…saving money, time, animals and environment?
…using fully validated prediction tools?
…introducing a new, modern standard?

Then, try our externally validated in-silico ADME/PK-prediction services*!

Best in internal and external tests vs conventional lab methods.
30,000 estimates delivered to customers so far.

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*Predictions of ADME/PK, doses, exposures & DDIs of drug candidates, metabolites & chemicals directly from chemical structure to man
2- to 3-fold median errors for t½ and CL/F (oral AUC) and full compound coverage in internal and extensive external blinded validations.

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